Candy Heart Mini Cakes

Happy Valentines Day you guys! I hope everyone is doing something fun. If you haven’t come up with a gift for your significant other just yet, I have something super simple for you to make.

Most people try doing something special by cooking an elaborate meal or going out for a nice dinner. But if you guys don’t have the time for such things, why not surprise your loved ones with these adorable candy mini heart cakes.

The best way for you to actually these up is to use a box cake. For those of you that are culinarily challenged, its ideal. For this post, I actually tested out the Pillsbury chocolate and vanilla oven cake mix, and I think they’re brilliant. The cake rises soo well and has a lovely taste. You get both egg and eggless versions, so all you vegetarians out there are covered.

If you do however want to make the cake from scratch, you can check out my vanilla cake recipe here and my chocolate cake recipe here.

I baked the cake in the form of a sheet so that I could cut them out in the shape of a heart and layer them. Any sized heart cutter you have works for this job. If you use a cutter to go all the way through the cake, the chances of the cake falling apart are quite high. I would advise you to use a sharp knife and go around the cutter to get a clean cut.

I used plain vanilla buttercream to ice the cakes, three parts icing sugar, one part butter and a little bit of vanilla.

I dyed the buttercream in different pastel shades to help get the full candy heart effect. I also dyed a little buttercream bright red for the text.

Spread a layer of buttercream between two pieces of cake and then crumb coat and chill.

Once the crumb coat is done, you want to add another thick layer of icing. Don’t worry though if spots of the cake are still visible through.

Once the icing has set, fill a piping bag with the red buttercream, and right away. I stuck to simple and cute words to put on each cake. From the photos, however, you’ll realize that I’m not the best and writing with buttercream. So my ‘I ❤ you’ came out a little lopsided.

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