Christmas Tree Ornaments

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Only two days left for Christmas! I bet you all have your Christmas trees up and decorated ready for tomorrow night. If you do have some bald spots on the tree, however, I have the perfect thing for you.

Through the advent cookie calendar, you’d notice that a lot of the cookies have little holes on the top. We’re using those as ornaments.

To actually turn any of the cookies into an ornament, all you need is a straw, to cut out a hole at the top before baking. Once baked, ice the cookies like you would any other, and once completely dry, simply tie on some string or ribbon.

I’ve used cookies from the entire calendar to create ornaments, as well as some other patterns to give my Christmas tree the complete look.

I did some simple mini gingerbread men and Christmas trees to give it more of a traditional vibe.

I also found this adorable cutter online that I used to make these mini ornaments in different patterns to hang on the tree.

And rather than go the traditional way by using regular old Christmas lights, why not make some fairy light cookies in different colours to hang on the tree.

I even did some adorable candy canes to get whole effect.

Remember the Ugly Christmas Sweater cookies from a few posts back? Well I made a hole in the fairy lights one and decided to use it as one of my ornaments.

Or the Snacks for Santa post? Why can’t Santa grab a cookie ‘from’ the tree rather than from under it?

These stars from my Wreath looked the absolute best on the tree with their contrasting white and brown on the green background of the tree.

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