Photobooth Props

Its that time of the year where you either have to attend a bunch of festive parties or if nothing else throw one. Its become very common nowadays to have a table filled with props to take photos made with paper, or silly hats, caps, fake beards, moustaches, or even random sayings. I think having one of these at your own party can be a little mainstream. Why not switch it up? Do something totally out of the box?

I present to you edible photobooth props!

From the photographs, you can probably tell how much fun we had doing this shoot, and then being allowed to eat them at the end. Just imagine your guests or friends doing this! It’ll be so fun. 

You start out by making regular cookies, the regular way. I used plain vanilla cookies an white royal icing

I do have a moustache cookie cutter, however, I don’t have one for a beard, so I used the hack I’ve mentioned before and drew out the shape I want on a sheet of thick paper. Using a sharp knife I cut out the pattern and wrapped the entire thing in cello tape. By doing this, you prevent oil from seeping into the paper, thereby ruining your temporary cookie cutter. 

Once the first coat of royal icing has dried completely, I did a simple outline and added some texture by drawing lines onto the moustache and little spiral patterns onto the beard. 

Once the texture patterns had dried 100%. I made some super thick royal icing. Essentially you have to add more icing sugar to the icing until its really thick. This acts as the glue to attach the lollipop sticks onto the cookies. 

Before using any icing, place the sticks onto the back of the cookies to get the placement right. I kept them relatively far to the right of the cookie when face down, thereby allowing the “models” to hold it from one side but also ensuring that their hand isn’t covering their face. As soon as you’ve got the placement down, pipe some royal icing onto the spot chosen and gently press the lollipop stick. Give the royal icing a few minutes to set and then pipe some more on top of the stick. This helps ensure that the stick doesn’t move around or come off. Leave the sticks for as long as possible in a fixed position to dry completely.

Now all you have to do is pose and *click*.

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