Snacks for Santa…

There’s somewhat of a tradition on Christmas Eve. You leave all the Christmas lights on, set some present under the tree and place a plate of cookies and milk for Santa to eat.

This time, however, why not try leaving him some chocolate chip cookies, some milk and even some carrots for the reindeers. Confused are we? I thought why not spin this tradition by making adorable chocolate chip sugar cookies, milk sugar cookies, and even little carrot sugar cookies.

For the chocolate chip cookies, I thought why not make actual chocolate sugar cookies and cover those in royal icing. I made two shades, a light beige which formed the base and then a deep brown which was used as the little chocolate chips on top.

As for the milk bottle and carrot ones, I stuck to plain old vanilla. I happen to have a cutter for the milk bottle so it became a little easier, however, if you don’t, my trick is to draw it out on a piece of paper, cut it out and then wrap it up in cello tape making for a makeshift cookie stencil.

If you notice the colours for the carrots and milk bottle are pretty standard. White, light blue, green and orange. Maybe some black if you want to write the word milk out.

These were possibly the easiest cookies I’ve made during this whole advent. The others have been way more complex. So if you want to try your hand, these would be the best place to start!

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