Christmas in the Heat

I know I’ve said it before, but it isn’t cold everywhere in India during this time of the year. It’s actually pretty hot, like 30C hot. So naturally while creating this calendar I had to come up with a way of incorporating heat into these cookies. 

I decided to go all out and do a bunch of different shapes that represent the summer. 

Unfortunately, the cutters you need for these are a little complicated, and can’t be substituted. However, if you scour the internet or your local baking stores enough, you are sure to find some of them. As for the flavour of the cookies, I’ve stuck to my standard of a mix of vanilla and gingerbread cookies with plain royal icing

For the bikinis, I had initially planned to do tacky Christmas sweater patterns. But I honestly found icing such intricate patterns in such little space really tough. So I did decide to do just 2 simple patterns, a Mrs Claus suit and an elf one. 

To match with the bikinis I decided to so a pair of flip-flops. Honestly, you don’t need a fancy cutter for these. Just use a really sharp knife to cut out this shape, its ok if it’s a little rough here and there. 

Besides clothing, I did some summer Christmas trees. How cool would it be if you lived someplace hot, and instead of decorating a fir, you decorated a palm tree or cactus instead? After doing the basic icing for both these cookies, I simply drew black lines across it with royal icing and placed mall dots in various colours along the lines to give it the effect of Christmas lights or baubles on the tree. 

PS. I’ll explain why some of the cookies have holes soon. Tell me your guesses in the comments below 😛

I’ve saved the cutest and coolest one for the end. Rudolf the chillin reindeer. I saw this somewhere on Pinterest or Instagram I honestly can’t remember where, but I think they are so freaking cute! So whoever you are that had this brainchild, thank you!

While making all the cookies, this theme had my two most favourite ones, the cactus and the reindeer. I mean we all loved them so much we refused to eat them. I hope you guys feel the same when you try out the cookies!

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