Dip Dip Stixx

For most of the world, it’s hot chocolate weather. For India, however, it remains tea weather. Hot or cold, its always tea weather here. So if you’re in the north or the south, these cookies are perfect for you. 

Just like the cookies I made in my last post, you don’t need any fancy cookie cutters. In fact, you don’t need any cookie cutters at all. I used a ruler and a really sharp knife to cut out the cookies from the dough (I used gingerbread and vanilla) I rolled. To get really sharp edges, I would recommend allowing the dough to chill for a good 20 minutes between sheets of parchment paper. Once the dough is set, using the tip of your knife cut you the cookies in the dimensions you want. I cut them 4 inches by 1 inch. 

I did a bunch of patterns that were simple and cute, a lot like the giveaway cookies in my last post. 

A quick trick to make sure that the colour of your royal icing is nice and deep is ensuring it has time to develop (its not that quick tbh). While most of you out there will use liquid food colouring, I use the gel one. I’ve found that the only difference between the two when it comes to using them in royal icing is that liquid food colouring thins out the consistency of your royal icing. If you are using the liquid version, mix the colour into your icing and leave it for a couple of hours to allow the colour to darken. When you are ready to use, sift in some icing sugar. Keep going until you get it to the consistency you like.

For example, when making the gingerbread cookies, I used two kinds of icing. One was a relatively runny brown shade. After having mixed in the colour I didn’t add any additional icing sugar since it forms the base of the cookies. However for the icing that I used in its detailing, the white and black, I sifted in a decent amount of icing sugar to ensure that once piped, the design would hold. 

So put on your favourite Christmas movie of Vlogmas youtuber, get a steaming cup of tea/hot chocolate/ coffee and dip away with these adorable cookies! 

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