Let’s Spread the Joy

Just like during Diwali, everyone has a little present or box of sweets they give to friends and relatives during Christmas. Unfortunately, a lot of us spend money on these fancy food hampers or boxes of chocolates. For the second post in my Christmas Cookie Advent Calendar, I thought why not show you guys how to make these adorably simple sugar cookies to give out to your loved ones. 

The beauty about these cookies is that you can make them using simple and regular cookie cutters. No need for any fancy shapes. A set of round cutters or square ones work perfectly to make these giveaways. 

I’ve used super simple patterns that are easy to do, but will also look neat and clean for a gift. 

Because these are to be given away, I’ve done a mix of vanilla and gingerbread. You could do whatever flavour you like!

Besides using these square cookies, or even the round ones, you could also fill a gift box with any of the cookies I’ll be posting in the next few weeks. Obviously, there’s nothing written in stone so it’s totally up to you!

I found these adorable gift boxes and filled it with some coloured parchment paper. I found that putting just one layer of the cookies in a box seemed to little, so I folded the paper over and did another one.

I’m going to be posting a couple of cookie recipes (I mean not decorated sugar cookies, but just regular ones). Those would work great as well. 

So spread the joy!

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