Christmas Cookie Wreath

It’s finally Christmas time and I’m so freaking excited. If last year was any indication, I go all out for Christmas. Even though it’s not something we celebrate, I just love how festive you get to be, the colours, the food, the music, the movies! I think because we see so much Christmas on tv shows and in movies, it’s influenced me to favour it more over other Indian festivals. It’s not like I don’t love Diwali or Ganapati, but honestly, there are few aspects of it in comparison to Christmas and that’s probably why I get so excited. 

This year I decided to be super ambitious and create something super super fun. It’s a CHRISTMAS COOKIE ADVENT CALENDAR! Over the next few weeks, I am going to release 12 different Christmas cookie themes within which there’ll be several different types of Christmas cookies. 

I’m kicking it off with this beautifully elegant cookie wreath. With some simple white royal icing on gingerbread cookies, its perfect for you to hang on your kitchen door. Feel free to snack on it as you go in and out stuffing your face with all the Christmas treats. 

The cookie cutters I’ve used are actually quite basic. Stars of various sizes and patterns and a couple of snowflake cookie cutters were ideal to put this together. I’ve linked a couple of places you can find the cutters below. 

I made some plain white royal icing the recipe for which you can find here, and using a very fine piping bag, drew random patterns onto the cookies to make them look like snowflakes. Honestly its not like I followed any pattern. I just did what looked pretty and this is the way it turned out. If you feel like you want there to be more icing, you can do just that. Add tons on. If you want less, just do some simple outlines.

To actually turn this into a wreath, I cut out a piece of cardboard and covered it in some sellotape. It takes you a few tries to get the layout just right and ensure that everything fits on there in a presentable way. 

Once your happy with the pattern you’ve created, pipe some royal icing onto the back of each cookie and glue it onto cardboard.

Allow the icing to dry for a couple of hours, tie a ribbon, and pop it onto your door!

Bakewala has most of what you need!

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