The Accompaniments

We’re almost there guys! 3 days to Christmas!

You should be almost ready with all your ingredients for Christmas dinner! Besides having a main meat dish (I chose Chicken), you’ll need a number of accompaniments to go with it. I did four different sides, all of them annoyingly easy to do. Let’s be real there’s a lot to do on Christmas day. No one wants to spend it all in the kitchen.

I also made a little cocktail you can serve with dinner, which is absolutely divine.

The cocktail is a pomegranate fizz. I used a bottle of sparkling rose from the Sula Vineyard. Pour a little pomegranate juice in the flute and add a few pomegranate seeds. Make sure the sparkling wine you’re using is chilled when you gently pour it into the flute.

fizz (2)fizz (5)

For the sides, I made some beans. carrots, potatoes, and even garlic bread.

Start off by cleaning the beans, and peeling the carrots.

carrots (2)

I left the beans whole. You could even cut them into small inch sized pieces.

beans (3)

As for the carrots, I cut the whole carrot into quarters.

carrots (3)

In a pan, heat some butter and olive oil. Once it starts spluttering a little, add in a bay leaf. Add your carrots to the pan and toss, until the carrots are covered in the butter. Honey is a great addition to the carrots so you can add some in. Sweet honey glazed carrots which have a little bit of a crunch when you bite into them. Finish with a bit of salt and pepper.

Carrots, done!

carrots (1)

Onto the beans.

Olive oil, butter, and garlic in a pan. Let the garlic brown a little and add the beans. Fry them off and add some almond shavings. Garnish with some more almond and a squeeze of lemon juice.

beans (1)

For the bread, I just bought a ready loaf of garlic bread. Cut slices, but only halfway in.

Mix some minced garlic into softened butter and apply it in between the slice of bread.

bread (2)

Place the loaf on a baking tray and in the oven for 15 minutes at 180C.

I sprinkled on some Italian seasoning once out of the oven.

bread (1)

Last but not least my absolute favorite part of Christmas dinner, the potatoes! I did some roasties with baby potatoes.

The batch of potatoes I got was a little too big, so I cut some of them in half. Place the potatoes on a baking tray and cover them with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

The potatoes need 40 minutes in the oven, 20 on one side, the smashed and 20 on the other.

potatoes (2)

And that’s it! All the sides I made for my dinner. In addition to this there was only the full roast chicken I did (post up tomorrow!)

fizz (1)bread (3)potatoes (1)

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