Santa’s Belt Cake

Now, this may look like any other cake. Plain simple red velvet cake. But just you wait. There’s a little surprise inside.

Be warned, this cake is massive. MASSIVE! It’s not super easy to make, but it is easy enough.

You will need three layers of my red velvet cake and one layer of my devil’s food cake. And A LOT of buttercream frosting – one part butter three parts sugar and a little vanilla. You need a large amount of red frosting and a little white frosting.

I suggest using a cake board for this. You need to chill it repeatedly and most refrigerators don’t have the shelf space for a cake stand.

Place a layer of the red velvet cake on the cake board. Place the layer of chocolate cake on top of that. now take a circle cutter about 3″ in diameter and place it in the center. Push down and cut through the layer of chocolate cake. Only go about a centimeter into the red velvet.

Place the cut piece of chocolate cake on the side, you’ll need it in a bit, as well as the layer of chocolate cake. Cut out the little bit of red velvet cake. You should have a depression of about 1 cm in the center.

surprise (10)

Pipe some white vanilla frosting in the depression.

Take the cut center of the chocolate cake and cut a smaller ring in the center. Place the smaller piece of chocolate cake in the center of the depression.

Layer the red velvet cake with red frosting and then place the large chocolate ring on top. (Is any of this making any sense??)

surprise (12)

Fill the gap that’s formed between the chocolate cake with white frosting. Make sure you cover the top as well.

surprise (14)

Once this is done, layer the other two layers like a normal cake.

You may want to do two layers of a crumb coat since the red velvet crumbles quite easily.

Apply on a thick layer of icing and smoothen it out.

Once complete, I added some crushed candy canes along the edges of the cake. It gives a great bit of mintiness when you eat a slice.

And now for the surprise in the center. When you cut a slice, the inside of the cake looks like Santa’s belly and belt!

surprise (9)

The cake makes for a great ending if you’re having a party. I put one of those cake sparklers on the cake and lit it, and that just made it soooooo much cuter.

surprise (2)
surprise (3)
surprise (7)
surprise (1)
surprise (6)

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