Miniature Gingerbread Houses

Yes, I made two gingerbread things this year. I may have gotten carried away. But its Christmas so that sort of happens. Anyway, as I browse Pinterest for ideas, I noticed that a lot of people were doing mini gingerbread houses to put on their mugs. It acts as the perfect snack when you have a cup of hot chocolate. They are honestly the easiest houses I have ever assembled, and take next to no time. Even if you decide to be over the top with your decoration, its super easy.

Just like with the tipi, I used the Halloween skeleton cookies recipe for the gingerbread as well as the royal icing. You need a template to cut out the pieces, I just found one on the internet that works, you can do the same or use the one I did.


Its all pretty basic. Cut out all the pieces from some rolled out dough and bake. Make sure its not too thick or else the house wont fit on the lip of your mug. Remember to cut two pieces of each for each house. You can avoid the chimney, since its relatively delicate work, but it does look super cute.

Once baked and cooled, you can start the assembly. Start by taking one of the front pieces, and lining one side edge with with royal icing. Stick on one of the side pieces, to the royal icing. You may want to hold it in place for a few minutes till it actually stay on. For extra support you may want to pipe on a thin line of royal icing to the inside of the side piece.

I really underestimated how hard it was going to be to properly explain this process on a blog! Hopefully the pictures give you a better understanging. 

Repeat this process with the other side piece and even the back. You should be left with houses with no roofs.


For the roofs, you need to be a little more careful. Be very gentle with the whole process, or else you may knock down the house. Pipe royal icing onto the roof and then very gently place the piece. Repeat the process on the other side. Make sure that you pipe a thick layer of royal icing to help hold it in place.

I recommend leaving everything as is for a few hours so that  the royal icing has a chance to properly harden.


Moving onto the decoration, I did 4 different designs. Each super simple.

The first one I did, also my absolute favorite was one with a sprinkle covered roof.

Pipe a layer of royal icing all over the roof. Next dip the icing covered side into a plate with sprinkles. Do the samething on the other side and DONE! That’s literally it. You may want to add a few accents like a window  or out line the door, but the house looks cute just as is.

The second one was traditional, with only royal icing. I added some deatiling to the front to make it look like snow had collected at the edge of the roof, and even a door and window. I even glued on the little chimney, which made it look even cuter.

A quick trick you can use when decorating the front of the house is laying it flat. Its much easier this way, but you need to be super careful.

The third one I did was with M&M’s. Its the easiest of the lot. Pipe small blobs of iicing onto the M&M’s and stick them onto the house.







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  1. Duchess has outgrown her kennel !!!! Ha ha ha ha ha…
    Amazing effort and workmanship in all you do Nayantara.. Tastes as good as it looks !! XO


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