Black Cat Mini Cake

So just like I did the mummy cake yesterday, I decided to a spooky black cat one. This cake is super simple, all you need is a bit of fondant for the cat. Otherwise its all buttercream.

Everything in this cake is basically the same. I tinted the buttercream a bright orange and sprinkled some black sugar in between.

Unlike the mummy cake this one isn’t being covered with fondant, make sure the second layer of buttercream you put on the cake is super generous.


Once that’s done allow it to set in the fridge for at least 45 minutes. In the meantime, you can work on the black cat.

Roll out some black fondant and using a stencil, cut the outline of the black cat out. I found a picture I like online, drew it out, cut that, and then used that as my stencil. It’s the simplest way to do this if you don’t have a cutter. You could also print and then cut.


Set the cat and aside and continue on the cake. You want to smoothen out the icing so that it looks neat and clean. A palette knife works perfectly for this job.


Now all you have to do is stick the cat onto the side of the cake. I found that with just the cat, the cake looked a little plain, so I used some of the black sugar I had sprinkled on the inside to spruce it up a little. I also piped a line along the bottom of the cake to neaten it, which again I covered with the sugar.


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