Mummy Mini Cake

In my first year of college, we celebrated Halloween. We all got super excited and planned proper costumes, scary or not. I dressed up as Super Mario, my friend as Rosie the Riveter. We had covered the campus in scary decorations and had planned super fun activities all day. In the evening was the costume competition and a fancy dinner. Since then, I have loved Halloween (even though I hate scary movies). We’re not in college this year for Halloween so no celebrations, instead I’m doing it in the house with some mini cakes.

This isn’t really a recipe post, it’s just how to decorate the cake. This is slightly tough mummy cake I did, but it pays off in the end. I made a plain vanilla cake in a sheet pan and then cut it with a circle cutter. The recipe is the same as my vanilla cupcakes one (it works well for both)

Using a cakeboard, I smeared a bit of the buttercream on the bottom and place the first layer of cake. The buttercream I’m using is super simple, 1 part butter and 3 parts icing sugar with a little bit of vanilla. For this cake, I’ve kept the icing white since it’s a mummy.


Next, I’m filling each of the layers with buttercream. As a little surprise when you cut through the cake I sprinkled some black sugar. For the next layer, I did some black, orange and purple sprinkles.

Add the topmost layer and crumb coat the cake. Leave the cake to set for about 30 minutes and then add another layer of icing.


Roll out a square of black fondant and stick it to one side of the cake. It should be wide enough that it covers two third of the cake, leaving a bit of space from the top and bottom.


The next thing you want to work on is the eyes. Take a little circle of lime green fondant, flatten it with your thumb. Then make a small ball out of black fondant and stick it onto the green circle with a bit of water. The ball should almost touch the edge of the green circle.


Now for the bandages that cover the mummy. Roll out the fondant super thin and cut them into strips about a half-inch thick.


Now finally onto decorating the actual cake. Take the strips of fondant and lay them onto the cake. Let the strips overlap, just apply some water onto the lower layer and then place the next one on top. Keep doing this until the entire cake is covered. It’s fine if parts of it are messy, it is, after all, a mummy. The bottom of the cake was SUPER messy and so I made a long roll out of white fondant and stuck it on.


And that’s the cake pretty much done. All you have to do is stick the eyes on now. No need to be specific about them pointing the right direction or anything.


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