Old Wild West

After an intense night of partying it up with friends of mine, I was in absolutely no mood to go taste different foods. Through intense rain, we traveled from one end of the city to check out Old Wild West, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel.

Old Wild West gives you the feeling of being a part of the wild west, complete with cowboys, their hats, boots, and guns! One corner holds a gigantic electric bull, which on weekends never stops being in use. An entire wall in the center has a gorgeous bar, that serves its purpose without being too over the top.

After setting our stuff down at a table with the most light (we had no hope of pictures otherwise) we were shown around. In a relatively cordoned off section is the daily corporate buffet. The back of the establishment has the restrooms and smoking room as well as a massive backdrop you can use to take to pictures. It even comes equipped with props like cow-boy hats and fake rifles.

Old Wild West has decided to redo their menu to better suit their customers.  They have kept some of the old dishes however a lot of it is new. Rather than us deciding what to order, we asked for a small tasting what they suggested.

OWW (7)

First up were some Corn Spinach Bake Potato Skins. Basically baked potatoes stuffed with a corn and spinach filling and covered with mozzarella, yellow cheddar, and Monterey Jack cheese. They’re a little too big to bite straight into, but when you cut it up, it just oozes cheese.

OWW (3)
Corn Spinach Bake Potato Skins

What I really liked about the presentation in Old Wild West is the little flags they put on each dish. It has the Old Wild West logo and a border in green or red which helps clarify if the dish is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

OWW (2)

Something I absolutely loved was the Mexican Spice Chicken Lollipop. Old Wild West has a standard Mexican spice mix.  Deep fried chicken lollipops marinated in this wonderful spice mix were amazing.

OWW (8)
Mexican Spiced Chicken Lollipop
OWW (10)
Mexican Spiced Chicken Lollipop

Of all the things we tried that day on the menu, my absolute favorite were the Indo-Mexican Paneer Tikka Nachos. The size of the portion, the flavor, presentation, everything. Ab-suh-lute favorite! I love the way they’ve mixed indian and mexican food to create something so delicious. They fry the tortilla chips fresh, and use simple green chutney on top instead of guacamole. Its a very indianised version of nachos with onions, tomatoes and corriander. The only negative is you have to beware of chopped chillies. One bit of it and you have steam coming out of your ears.


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Chicken 65 is something every single bar will always serves. Its the classic chakna. Everyone craves it after having a few too many. Old Wild West Kerelian Style Chicken 65 is simple and classic. Unlike a lot I have tasted this one wasn’t too spicy and would go perfecctly with a drink.



OWW (16)
Chicken 65




OWW (17)
Chicken 65



Another big bar food is sliders. Old Wild West offers 4 chicken sliders, each with a different flavour. First is the Crispy Chicken Slider, which I have to say tastes very much like a McChicken Burger from McDonals’s. None the less yummy! Next is the Oriental Chicken Slider which I personally found very spicy, but then again I have the lowest tolerance for spice ever! The flavours are very similar to the chicken lollipop we tried earlier, but its delicious none the less. My favorite was the Chicken Tikka slider, again the perfect mix between two cuisines. Perfectly cooked pieces of chiken tikka, complete with mint chutney and onions in a bun. Lastly the BBQ Chicken Slider, sweet and smoky barbeque sauce was all you could taste, making it very messy. As an overall dish the sliders are definately something I’d order.


OWW (24)



OWW (25)


Besides the dishes I’ve mentioned we tried a ton of other things. From Spicy Chicken Popcorn, to Mac & Cheese Bites and even Indianised Spring Rolls. Since we had filled up so much on straters we tried only one main, a Mexican Chicken steak.

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The drinks menu at Old Wild West stays the same, but they are working on upping it. We tested out the Bubble Gum Shooter and Mexican Lindo cocktail.

OWW (20)
Bubblegum Shooter
OWW (18)
Mexican Lindo

The new menu also has new desserts. Double ka Meetha and Mexican Spices Fudge Brownie were soo good.

OWW (32)
Mexican Spiced Fudge Brownie
OWW (31)
Double ka Meetha
OWW (30)
Double ka Meetha



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  1. Roy manns says:

    That is quite a Great Wild West A La Carte🤗😝


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