Wedding Sugar Cookies

Last weekend I went for this fabulous wedding in Jaipur. The bride being a very close friend of mine. In India, one of the customs at the wedding is called sangeet. Close relatives of both the bride and groom prepare dances and dance at this “party”. Now a days, practicing before the sangeet has become essential since it is considered to be a competition between the boy’s side and the girls’. So we all got together and practiced for the sangeet.

As a little snack to encourage us to dance well, I took a batch of cookies. Wedding themed cookies of course.

The recipe I have used to make them is one I put up earlier.

Rather than just doing one shape, I did a whole bunch of different shapes circles, paisley, elephants and hearts.







To decorate the cookies, I made different colours of royal icing. When making the royal icing, its important to remember that it should be thick. So thick in fact that your spatula should stand up straight in it. When you need it to be thinner, all you have to do then is add in a bit of water.

I started off by making some red, blue and yellow icing. You can use either liquid or gel food colouring whichever is easier for you. I used gel from AmeriColor.




Prep your piping bag with a nozzle that has a small tip. Fill the piping bag and outline your cookies with the stiff icing.


Once the cookie have been outlined, thin the icing with very little water (not more than a few drops at a time till it reaches the consistency you like) and fill up the cookie. This is also known as flooding.


Depending on the weather in your area, the icing will dry. For me it took about an hour, maybe more. Which means this process is quite an arduous one.


The next step all depends on how you want to decorate your cookies. Since the wedding was happening in Jaipur I decided to do a very Indian theme, with lots of patterns. Dots outlining the cookie. A criss-cross patter, chevron, anything works really.





What I also did on a lot of the cookies, (I ran out of ideas eventually) is use the initials of the couple and write it out. Humidity has not been on my side in the last few weeks and therefore I alternated between writing out the letters in royal icing and writing them in edible marker. Rather than just doing the letters in english, I did them in Hindi as well. (it is after all an indian wedding)


I even wrote out their names with the marker in English.


I wanted to incorporate both their names as well as their would be anniversary in some way so I baked a giant cookies, outlined and flooded it red and using yellow and blue royal icing outlined it with dots. Inside I wrote both their names along with the date, and this went right on top of all the cookies in the box so that it is the first one that catches your eye.

I found a little bottle of edible gold glitter and decided to use that to embellish all the cookies, giving it that bit of extra oomph. I simply dipped a dry brush into the bottle and lightly brushed it onto each cookie.




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