Jack-O-Lantern Cake

Well, it’s the last day of Halloween, I hope everyone is doing something fun. If you haven’t made something cool for Halloween yet, here’s something you could try. A jack-o-lantern pinata cake.

The cake I used to make it, is the devil’s food cake one I did a few months ago. The buttercream is a simple ratio of 1 part butter, 3 parts icing sugar. If you find after whisking it together you still find the flavour of butter too overpowering, use a little bit of vanilla.

Also, I may have forgotten to take pictures at every stage, so sorry.

I baked the batter in two bundt cake pans and let them cool on a wire rack.


Once they’ve cooled, crumb-coat the cake and put them together. The rounded tops should be on the outside. If there are any crusty bits, cut them off and then cover the cake in icing.


Mix your cake scraps in with a little buttercream. Use that to fill in the bottom hole of the cake. Then add in a whole load of whatever candy you like, I used M&Ms. When it’s as full as it can get without reaching the top, cover it with some more cake scrap.


Next, I tinted my buttercream orange, the neon orange that comes in the set of 4 neon colours by Betty Crocker is ideal.


Since I had quite a bit of leftover batter I put it on another baking tray. Using a round cutter I cut out two circles that would work as the top of the pumpkin.

Ice the cake with the frosting and then place the circle bits on top smearing icing in the middle.


Remember to keep letting the cake set in the fridge. Once the icing has set, smooth it over allowing little lines to develop to make it look like the ridges on a pumpkin.

Next cover the top with green fondant, and use black fondant to create the eyes, nose and mouth.

When the icing is a little soft, stick on the pieces.


Just a little update, on Halloween Day I went on a food crawl (just like the Valentine’s Day one). A friend of mine and I won a contest, so we got free tickets for the crawl. (shoutout to Dineamic and Everything On a Plate) I dressed up as Bad Beti, which means Bad Daughter, basically an Indian daughter defying traditions. If you would like to read the review of the crawl, Everything On a Plate has a done one.


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