Another 10 Things About Me

While I have a lot of food related things planned for this blog over the next few months, I’m back at college and so thought I’d share some more random things about me, since its been over a year since the last post.

  1. I love white! Everything white, including my nails and I’m obligated to wear it everyday to work. IMG-20160312-WA0001
  2. I used to have long hair till I chopped it off on a whim coz I was going diving and was soo not in the mood to deal with long hair and the ocean. IMG-20140809-WA0014
  3. I absolutely hate mangoes.
  4. I know 98% of the menu at Indigo Deli, including the sides that come with it.
  5. I wear a little diver around my neck coz that’s literally how much I love diving. 20140804_001237
  6. My phone is pink, even though I would rather have it some other way.
  7. My name has the Hindi word for ‘star’ in it. ‘Nayan’ meaning eyes and ‘tara’ meaning star.
  8. I have a new tattoo, a manta ray named Barry after Barry Allen.
  9. My new tattoo was also called a bat by a lot of people I know.
  10. I actually needed my friends help to come up with these, coz my mind didn’t work enough to do it myself.

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