Having a Picnic

After seeing Zoella put up picnic videos and blog posts, I got really excited to have my own. With the monsoon having hit with a vengeance (we really need it so its ok) we experience few sunny days and mostly cloudy and rainy days and so over the weekend, we decided to have the perfect indoor picnic. A friend of mine has a house with a beautiful balcony and with the rains here, it’s the perfect place.

The set up for the picnic remains pretty much the same as any other, except that its slightly easier considering its in the house. The food, drinks, decor all remains as is. Through the week I’ll be putting up posts on the food we made so look out for it.


We laid out a couple of Jaipuri blankets on the ground which were really cozy to sit on. I bought the blankets from Jaipur, however they are really easily available on amazon. To fill up space, I also used a couple of large pillow covers with pretty prints I found in the linen cupboard. To add to the coziness of it all, we added a bunch of pillows.We thought we might need a table for the drinks and so we got one from the house and covered it using a couple of dupattas (scarves we wear with Indian clothes).


On the table, we placed a string of flowers. I found some old, empty liquor bottles that I thought would work well to hold some other flowers we bought. I also had these little glass sweets I found in my grandmothers attic that I scattered and used as weights for the tissue paper. We used some colourful tissue paper, purple and green since we already had so much blue.


Besides this to help bring life to the place, we made a sort of bunting to hang, out of different coloured wool. You could even use some candles if it’s not too windy.


Since it was an indoor picnic, we couldn’t play games or such, so we decided to do our own thing, (that’s basically all the two of us do when together) and read our own books.


The rest was just bits and bobs we thought would fit in, its honestly all up to you and what suits you the most. If you don’t have a balcony, you could even have one in your living room.


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  1. Fab idea. Love the decor – especially the heirloom glass sweets. There is something very cosy about having the old in festivity – be it Diwali, a wedding or a picnic! – something warm and loving! Looking forward to your recipes too! Hopefully something vegetarian in those! 😄 Have a wonderful Bombay monsoon!


    1. Thank you so much, most of the recipes are vegetarian for the picnic, so you should find something.
      Check out the Salads post from yesterday


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