Changes…Good and Bad!

So I’m revamping my blog a little and making a few changes. So far I’ve done post not only about the food I eat or cook or even the places I visit, but a little bit of everything. However as I take this blog forward having completed a year, I’ve realized that I dont want to put up posts about random things, but just food instead.

So, I am going to take off all the extras on here, and leave everything food related.

I’ve also planned something over the next three months to make up for the posts I’m taking down. If you read my last post about my summer plans, you’d know that I’m planning to do some sort of challenge on food. I’m not going to say how many recipes I’m going to do, but I will put up a post almost everyday with the recipe I have tried.

I’m starting off this evening by putting up something I created a few weeks ago in college and hope you’ll enjoy it.

– Nay

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