Summer Plans

With exams just around the corner, I’ve taken procrastination to whole new level and spent a lot of time wondering what to do with my summer break. We get a break for three months i.e. till mid July. I’ve already got the first month plan with me going back to Komodo and Bali to dive. But the two months following that are empty in my calendar.

I’ve finished almost a year in culinary school and all it has done is pique my interest more and more about food. I recently got a new cookery bible, and have found innumerable recipes I want to learn from and try.

So over my summer I am going to try dozens of new recipes and try and learn as much from them as possible. I’m not going to promise anything, but I will hopefully remember to photograph and post as much as possible about each recipe I try.

I also have some of my friends coming to town for a few days so we’re going to hit some of the up and coming restaurants in Bombay and I hope to give you’ll as much information about them as possible.

I can’t guarantee posts every day from the recipes I try but I will definitely try and put up two a week as well as one new restaurant I have tried. Fingers crossed this goes well and I’ll keep you’ll updated.

– Nay

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