Valentine’s Dessert Crawl 

I know its been a while since Valentine’s day, but I’ve been procrastinating about writing this post and I’ve finally got around to it so here goes.

People spend Valentine’s Day with those they love. I spent it with dessert. Since I’m only back in town for a week, I decided to maximise on eating different foods and the Valentines Dessert Crawl did that for me perfectly. unfortunately it didn’t meet all my expectations, and left me and fellow blogger Everything on a Plate quite unhappy.


We had booked the tickets a couple of weeks in advance, and had even managed to get early bird tickets at a much cheaper rate. Since its a crawl, we presumed that we would be split into groups and walk to each place. Once there, someone would brief us on the dessert served as well on the restaurant. However we were very wrong.

The crawl started at the Upper Crest, Powai. Just walking in was a let down.  We were each given a paper bag with the stamp card for the crawl as well as a couple of cups Epigrams Greek yoghurt who were the sponsors. They started it off with a strawberry and coconut dimsum. Coconut isnt something I particularly like however I was willing to give it a shot. Unfortunately the shot did not pay off. The dough was very undercooked and the filling too sweet. We left our portions and walked out after complaining to the manager and the people from Time Out who had organzied it all, both didn’t seem to care too much.

Strawberry and Coconut Dim Sum at Upper Crest

We next walked to Love and Cheesecake some distance away. after the first place, we didn’t expect much. Love and Cheesecake wasn’t brilliant, but it wasn’t as bad as the first place. They served us a Japenese Cheesecake. I’ve never had Japenese Cheesecake so I dont know what it tastes like however I have eaten cheesecake and didnt think it was supposed to be this cakey.

Japenese Cheesecake at Love and Cheesecake

Next on the crawl was Mad Over Donuts. Everyone was quite disappointed to see MOD on the list since they have franchises all over the country just like Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme. For Valentine’s day, MOD was anyway serving three exclusive doughnuts. We were given a chance to pick one of the three. Technically it wasn’t something new they had created just for the crawl, but it wasn’t bad. We ate our donuts and walked to the next location.




We moved onto Melhua The Fern. Having eating at The Fern before, our expectations were quite high and hoped they lived upto it. And thankfully, they did. We ate at Tiara, and were served chocolate cake. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was delicious. They also served us raspberry shooters which were really cooling after walking in the heat for so long.

Chocolate Cake at Tiara

Second last was Hokey Pokey. We felt the sameway we did with MOD since Hokey Pokey is all over the country. Hokey Pokey has a stall in mall in the Hiranandani area and we went to it. Just like MOD, they had a choice of three from which we chose one. UNfortunately, I didnt finish mine since it had all become a little too much sugar for me. But the rest of them did, and we moved onto Mini Punjab, the last stop on our list.


Our last stop Mini Punjab, served us two indian desserts. First was gaajar ka halwa. I’m not a keen fan of it so only tried a small bite. The second was jalebi, which I infact ate since I love it. They gave each of us a small cup of gaajar ka halwa and two pieces of jalebi topped with loads of flaked almonds.

Gaakar ka Halwa and Jalebi at Mini Punjab

The overall experience was good, but not as good as we’d hope. Those who attended the crawl in south mumbai clearly had a better time as well as ate better food. Everything on a Plate did a post on it, check it out.


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