An Insane Week

So since I finished my boards recently, my life was supposed to get more relaxed. But it only got more busy. Not only have I had to join coaching classes to get into a college of my choice, I have also had a number other things thrown at me. Due to which not only has my regular schedule been messed with but so has my diet and sleep pattern.

In any regular week, I would have classes in the morning from Monday to Saturday at 11 am till 1 pm. Then in the evening I would have driving class from 7:00 to 7:30 and then Zumba from 8:00 to 9:00 after which I would come home.

Last week however, has been almost nothing like above:

On Monday I had class plus a scheduled interview for my UK visa but because of how much I had to do, I cancelled it. In the evening there was driving class and Zumba.

Tuesday again was class and in the afternoon my grandfather arrived from Pune. I came home that afternoon thinking, “nothing more for today so I can get ahead in terms of work.” But I received some rather upsetting news about a friend and so got preoccupied with that for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Wednesday was a whole new story, I had class in the morning and had planned to go for Switchfoot at Hard Rock Cafe with a couple of my best friends. It was a crazy night and we got back home only around 1 am. We had also planned for them to stay the night at my house so we were up till 5 in the morning.

The next morning i.e. Thursday was the cricket World Cup semi-final between India and Australia. I woke up at 9, and spent all day watching the match. I had driving class plus a huge load of homework to get done for class the next day. By 9 that night I was exhausted, I had only got 4 hours of sleep the previous night after all.

Friday was an even more packed day. I had class, a haircut appointment at 2 and then my farewell that evening. I had to put on a sari. Everyone was so energetic from the farewell that we decided to go out after so I got home only around 12.

Saturday again was class but I was so exhausted that i decided to skip it. We had planned a huge lunch for Sunday for the cricket World Cup Final so I spent the day helping my set up for that. Again I had driving class, but I decided to relax that evening since Sunday again was going to be packed.

Sunday I was woken up by a frantic mother preparing for a lunch. I spent all day helping out and all evening trying to finish homework.

I know that the week may not sound so full and packed but from doing nothing all day to suddenly having so much to do, it was a dramatic change.

Thankfully this last week has been quite relaxed so it evened out.

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